Donate Furniture

Upscale Resale Thrift Shop runs on your tax-deductible donations of furniture, funds and household goods!  Our shop is open, and donations are accepted, 7 days a week.

Monetary Donations

Click on the Donate button to make a monetary contribution.

Donate Furniture and Other Goods

Upscale Resale is kept in business by the donation of quality furniture. We also accept clothing, furniture, artwork, household goods, collectibles and antiques, books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry – really most anything that can be resold with relative ease.  We even accept donations of old cars and boats, which we sell through a local auction house.  (Unless you want to donate a box truck or cargo van, which we would use for the store… allowing you to take the full blue book value as a deduction!)

Of course if you are able, you are welcome to donate furniture directly to us at our shop. If you cannot bring your donations to the shop, we can send our truck to your home to pick up donations:

  • Our truck generally runs Tuesday through Saturday, and we’ll go anywhere in the DC Metro area for good furniture.  When coming out for clothing and other small items, but we usually schedule it on a day when we’ll already be in that neighborhood.
  • Clothes, books, household goods, and other small items should be ready for our truck in a bag or a box.  You do not need to bring your donations to the curb.  We’ll happy to pick up boxes, bags, and furniture from wherever you have them in your home.
  • All donations should be in good to excellent condition.  We’re a bit more lenient in terms of condition when it comes to nice wood furniture (nice solid wood furniture with minor / fixable problems is fine).  Conversely, we’re less lenient when it comes to upholstered furniture (we do NOT accept couches and other upholstered furniture in mediocre condition, even if it’s otherwise perfectly usable).
  • If you could send us a digital picture of the furniture you wish to donate it would be a big help, but is not necessary.

Estate and Moving Sales

We specialize in cleaning up after estate and other moving sales. The exact arrangements for these sales are made on a case by case basis. If there is a large amount of quality furniture and other goods left over, and not an overabundance of trash, we will haul everything – good and bad – and leave your home empty and ready for closing.   Contact us if you have any questions.